30mW Focusing 980nm Infrared (IR) Line Laser Module (12mm)

30mW Focusing 980nm Infrared (IR) Line Laser Module (12mm)

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Adjustable focus line or dot laser module. Note: IR is not visible to the naked eye!

  • 980nm +/-5nm.
  • 3.0-5.0V operation.
  • 30mW output. Class 3B
  • Replaceable lens - see OFL177 for alternative glass lens.
  • Line pattern, can be changed to dot by removing line element.
  • 12mm diameter, 30mm long.
  • Can be powered by 2 or 3 X AA batteries - see switched battery box OFL128 in 'Power Supplies and Chargers'.

Caution: Since IR is not visible exercise extreme care in use.

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