0 - 3200mA 12V Driver for 405nm, 450nm, 520nm and 635nm LD 12V with TTL/PWM and Analogue

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A 12V operation driver for most laser diodes (3.0-6.6V). Optional TTL/PWM  and analogue modulation. Fan support.


Output Voltage:                       3.5-6V

Output Current:                       0-3200mA

Input Voltage:                         12V DC, JST cable

Connections:                           See diagram

TTL:                                        Optional, 0-20KHz+ (Analogue 0-5V)



Normally on with power supplied, switch in the TTL position and no connection to TTL.

Optional TTL/Analogue modulation.

If TTL or Analogue control is required, the supplied cable should be plugged into the socket on the driver board adjacent to the power supply connection and the required mode selected with the switch.

For TTL action, connect the wires together to blank the laser, the black wire (ground) will pull the red (high) wire low or apply a TTL level (5V) signal. In TTL Mode 0V=off, 5V= on, note 0V is NOT the same as no connection! Pulse switching up to 30kHz can be used to reduce the output of the laser.

Analogue action is similar to TTL except the power output is proportional to the voltage, 0V = 0%, 5V = 100% power.

Power should be supplied using the JST socket.

Laser module has a soft start and will take up to 10sec to reach full power (TTL switching is instant). Always check current on a dummy load before connecting laser diode. Power board down before connecting laser diode.         

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