0 - 500mA Analogue Laser Driver for Red Laser Modules, 12V

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  • Operating voltage : 12V (drop down driver)
  • Continuous drive capacity: 500mA (2.8V)
  • Laser wavelength: 650-660nm
  • Analogue Modulation (0-5V)

This driver has analogue modulation: The output is zero (off) when no power is supplied to the analogue modulation connector, as the voltage to the analogue connector is increased (5V max) the output of the driver increases up to the maximum set by the laser diode current set potentiometer.

The plot shows the output obtained when the driver is set for a maximum output of 300mA, 400mA or 500mA.

Supplied with short connector cables terminated with JST plugs to fit the board connectors.


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