0 - 1500mA Blue (445-450nm) Laser Diode Driver 12V with Optional TTL (B1000 V2)

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Wavelengths:                           445-450nm

Output Power:                         0 - 1500mA (5.9V maximum diode voltage)

Input Voltage:                         12V (8-14V min-max range) JST cable

Dimensions:                           50mm x 36mm x 25mm;

Operating Temperature:          10 – 40°C

TTL:                                        Optional, 20Khz



Reverse polarity protection, optional 12V fan support.

Step down design, maximum output current can be adjusted between 0 and 1500mA (@ 5.9V)

Always check current on a dummy load before connecting laser diode.

TTL: Driver is normally on, a TTL signal can be used to pulse the laser at up to 20kHz.

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