150mW Focusing 532nm Green Laser Module with TTL Modulated 12V Driver

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Wavelength:                            532nm +/-5nm

Typical Output Power:            150mW +/- 10%

Laser Class:                              3B

Module Operating Voltage:     12V (wire connections: red = +ve, black = -ve)

Dimensions:                            33mm x 33mm x 60mm

Pattern:                                   3mm diameter adjustable divergence

Typical Lifetime:                     >4000hrs

Operating Temperature:          10 – 40°C

TTL:                                        30Khz


Thermoelectric cooling.                                    

Power should be supplied via the red and black cables. The green socket gives optional TTL control (connect the wires together to blank the laser, the white wire (ground) will pull blue wire low). Warm-up time <5 minutes.

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