600-900mW 405nm (Bluray) Focusing Laser Module 12V

600-900mW 405nm (Bluray) Focusing Laser Module 12V

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Assembled and tested 405nm 600-900mW module based on OFL170 bundle.

  • 405nm laser based on BDR-209 diode.
  • Driver current set at 500mA output giving 600mW. Can be adjusted to give higher/lower output.
  • 12V operation.
  • Option TTL modulation
  • Single element high-efficiency lens (Machined version of OFL3)

12V (1A) power supply required.

This is the highest power 405nm diode laser available.

405nm wavelength gives a smaller spot size than 450nm lasers and is more effective for exposing photoresist and cutting than the equivalent power 450nm laser.


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