20-30mW Brass 405nm Module with 3v Boost Driver (12mm) - DISCONTINUED

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This 12mm module incorporates a 3V boost driver. Dot pattern beam.12mm diameter.

  1. Specification
  2. Wavelength: 405+/-5nm
  3. Output Power: 20-30mW 
  4. Working Current: <150mA
  5. Optical Systems: dot - fixed focus
  6. Operating Voltage: DC 3V (Spring is the positive and the brass body the negative connection)
  7. Laser Class: 3B
  8. Operating Temperature: -10-35°C
  9. Storage Temperature: -10-80°C
  10. Dimensions: 12 x 60mm (Dia. x L)

Active switch, bypass for continuous operation

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