5mW Bright Red (635nm) Line Laser Module (Coherent Lasiris SNF Alignment Module) DISCONTINUED

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A very high quality ex-cleanroom Coherent/Stocker Yale module with built in driver, indicator LED, adjustable focus and dovetail fitting for structured light modules.

Suppied with 20 degree line optics that generate a short line for close distance 100mm - 2000mm use.

  • 635nm bright red
  • 5mW (before optics)
  • Precision focusable glass optics (dot or circle pattern output without Powell lens, 20 degree fan line with lens
  • 18.91mm diameter x 69.3mm long, fits our 18mm industrial adjustable module holder
  • 5-6V operation
  • ESD, over-tempertaure, over-voltage, and reverse-polarity protection
  • Rugged, shock and vibration resistant design
  • Fitted with removable 2-pin plug and 20 degree Powell line generating optics

These modules are were made by Stocker-Yale (now Coherent) or Coherent (SNF series) and have been used for semiconductor alignment, they have all been re-tested by us. Original price in excess of $580. These modules have the switch sealed in the on position.

Coherent produce precision structured light optics that fit these modules to generate lines, crosses and various other patterns. We offer matching power supplies and an alternative economic line generator optic to fit these modules.

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