100mW Wide Beam (15mm) 638nm Red Laser Module with TTL Modulation (12V) (C-RL-100)

Product no.: OFL375-100-RL

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638nm diode gives the same brightness as 200mW 650nm.


  • Wavelength : 638nm
  • Optical Power: 100mW wide beam pattern
  • Operating Voltage: 12.0V
  • Operating Current:: >350mA
  • Operating Lifetime: >4000hrs
  • Operating temperature: 10 - 30 °C
  • TTL Control: 20kHz @5V
  • Laser Head Dimensions 30mm x 30mm x 55mm


The diode head should not normally be disconnected from the driver board (the diode is very sensitive to static and any accumulated charge in the power supply). Power should be supplied via the red and black cables. The green socket gives optional TTL control (connect the wires together to blank the laser).

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