Nichia 4.75W+ 455nm Blue Laser Diode (9mm) NUBM0A (new, extracted with tinned pins and ball lens)

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With tinned pins extracted from new module. Packed in antistatic bag with datasheet. Rated at 4.3W continuous (3.0A), 3.5A max, in our tests capable of 5W. Fitted with static protection device.

From Manufacturers Datasheet:

  • Typ. Wavelength: 455nm
  • Typ. Optical Output: 4.75W @3.0A
  • Max. Operating Current: 3.5A
  • Typical Operating Voltage: 4.7V
  • Max. operating temperature 70 degree centigrade
  • Package Size: 9mm
  • Built-in Static Protection
  • Ball lens

New extracted component packed in antistatic bag & supplied with datasheet.

Ball lens cap is secured with optical cement and may be removed (pliers and vice needed) to give open-can diode.

The ball lens projects a large spot, for a small spot the ball lens can be removed and a normal focusing lens used.

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