Laser Safety Goggles EP1 190-540nm and 800-2000nm (Blue, Green, Infrared (IR) and Blu-ray Lasers)

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Multiple wavelength polycarbonate lens safety goggles from Eagle Pair, the company is based in Beijing and has approval from the Chinese Military Medical Laser Equipment Testing Department. They produce OEM products and state: The CE Marked optical safety capability is qualified with GJB1762-93 (Laser protection glasses standard for physiological hygiene) and European Standard EN207:2009/AC:2011. The manufacturers optical density table is reproduced as photo No. 2.

Protected Wavelengths: 190-540nm & 800-2000nm OD4+

Visible Light Transmission (VLT): 25%

All Covered with side plate and eyebrow plate.

Anti-blast, anti-heat.

Material: Polycarbonate

Colour: Black

Supplied with case and lens cloth

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