Component Bundle for Current and Voltage Monitor for Laser Diode Modules

Component Bundle for Current and Voltage Monitor for Laser Diode Modules

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Parts to build a  battery powered meter that connects between the laser driver and diode to monitor current and voltage. 0-3000mA, 0-30V.

Can be used to help set laser driver current by connecting between laser driver and a test load.

This current /voltage monitor has a JST plug and socket so that it easily be connected between standard 12V driver boards and laser diode heads.

Powered by 3 x AA batteries in a switched battery box so that the meter operation is independent of the driver board and diode.

Instruction sheet supplied.

Kit Contents:

  • Meter 0-3000mA, 0-30V with internal 0.05ohm current monitor shunt.
  • Wiring harness with plug connectors for meter
  • Switched battery box (Picture shows a 4 x AA box, current stock is a 3 x AA box)
  • JST plug cable to suit common driver loards
  • JST socket to match common laser diode head connectors
  • 10cm heat-shrink tubing
  • wiring guide

Kit requires 4 solder connections to be made. Batteries not included.




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