5mW Adjustable Focus Laser Module with Line Pattern 110 Degree Fan Angle (12mm)

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Similar to OFL6 but uses a 120 degree line generator disc to generate a line pattern. Works well with a voltage of 3-6V (note: higher voltages do not increase output but may decrease lifetime). Suitable for alignment applications such as a saw guide. Can be disassembled and the diffraction optics removed to give a spot focusing module.

  • Wavelength: 650nm (red)
  • Power: 5mW
  • Voltage: 3.0 - 5.0V
  • Current: ~30mA (built-in current limiting driver)
  • Pattern: Line with fan angle of 110 degrees
  • Focus: Adjustable by knurled ring
  • Dimensions: 12mm diameter x 34mm length with 100mm leads
  • Material: Chrome plated brass
  • Lifetime: >4000hrs

For semi-permanent alignment the following is suggested: Unscrew chrome ring to separate lens, line generator disc and ring. Screw in lens to focus at a point and secure with superglue (or threadlock). Insert line disc in the chrome ring and tighten to position the focused line at the required orientation.
Line length may be shortened by adding a small washer to the assembly as a mask.

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