Laser Driver Board V1 - 30-330mA optional TTL

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  • Circuit: Low drop out voltage linear current regulator.
  • Connections: Laser diode +ve is connected to power +ve; Laser diode –ve is controlled by the circuit (case +ve diodes cannot be grounded).
  • Input voltage: 0.5 – 1.5 V higher than the laser operating voltage.
  • Max. Voltage: 9V (excess voltage is dissipated by the driver as heat)
  • Driver Current: Typically 20-30mA higher than the output current.
  • Stability: Typically better than 3%.
  • Dimensions: 10mm x 20.3mm

TTL Control

  • When the TTL +ve is not connected the output is a few mA, when it is powered above 2.5V the driver is enabled.
  • TTL+ can be connected to power +ve for continuous operation, (use a 1N4001 or similar diode if the voltage is above 5V)
  • The TTL control can be used to switch the laser at rates >5kHz.


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