500mW 405nm (Bluray) Focusing Laser Module 12V with Separate TTL (PWM) Driver

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500mW 405nm laser with optional TTL/PWM control (laser engraving).

  • 405nm laser based on BDR-S06J diode.
  • Genuine 500mW output
  • 12V operation.
  • Option TTL/PWM modulation
  • Fine focus (minimum dot diameter ~ 0.3mm)

12V (1A) power supply required.

405nm wavelength gives a smaller spot size than 450nm lasers and is more effective for exposing photoresist and cutting than the equivalent power 450nm laser.


1.     Refer to the diagram for connections.

2.     The laser driver board has separate power and TTL/PWM connections. Power is 12V (VCC+ and VCC-). It is important that 12V is not connected to the TTL input or the driver will be damaged. (TTL signals are ~4-5V).

3.     Driver board has a dimmer button, if this is depressed the laser will output a very low output to allow focusing without marking a target. Pressing the button again will bring the laser back to full power.

4.     With no connection to TTL the laser is normally on.

5.     If TTL or PWM control is required, the supplied cable should be plugged into the driver board where shown. For TTL action, connect the wires together to blank the laser, the black wire (ground) will pull the red (high) wire low or apply a TTL level (5V) signal. Pulse switching up to 20kHz can be used to reduce the output of the laser (PWM).

6.     The optional 3-wire cable can be used with some laser engraver controller boards to provide PWM and power with a single cable.

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