Component Bundle for 650nm (Red) 300mW+ Laser Module in Chrome Case (External Driver + Glass Lens)

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This kit module is similar to the red laser modules used in some low cost laser engraver projects, will engrave card/wood and cut thin paper.

These new 658nm open-can laser diodes can be driven at 3-420mA to give 250-350mW.

  • New diode supplied fitted in module case. 
  • 3 element glass lens with 630-660nm (centre wavelength) anti-reflective coating for 9.0 x 0.5mm threaded laser diode housings.
  • High current LM358 driver. This is a current regulating linear driver based on the LM358 chip with a high current transistor output stage. Requires a supply voltage around 1.5V higher than the operating voltage of the laser diode.
  • See "Projects and Kit Guides" Tab for a copy of the instructions similar to those supplied (same build, different diode).
  • Cable and solder not included.

Assembly requires soldering and a means to set the laser driver current (e.g. test load, variable power supply and multimeter). OFL520 meter kit is recommended.

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LPC-826 250mW+ 658nm Red Laser Diode (TO18 5.6mm)
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